Chiang Mai Flower Festivalมหกรรมไม้ดอกไม้ประดับเชียงใหม่

3 Feb 2012 – 5 Feb 2012 (Chiang Mai) If you are obsessed with beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. Experience these beautiful flower-decorated floats and a magnificent tapestry of floral splendor that blankets the land. There are also agricultural exhibitions, floral contents, and product sales by local groups of […]

Thailand Vacations – Useful Information

Population and Language Estimated population of 60 million with some 80% belonging to a general Thai group, others include Chinese, Malay, Khymer and a small number of expatriates. Over 92% of the population speaks Thai or one of it’s regional variations. Geography 511,770 km2 of total land area Thailand is about the size of France […]