Chiang Rai Travel Guide Thailand

The city and province of Chiang Rai host some of the Thailand’s oldest civilisations. The province borders Chiang Mai. From Chiang Rai city, home to some 100,000 persons, to the outstanding surrounding areas intrepid visitors are bound to find something of interest.

Activities, in Chiang Rai, include jungle trekking, boat trips and hot spring settings. Resorts abound and, as with city and river hotels afford the visitor with a memorable, if not unique, natural setting.  Town restaurants tend to be simple with a focus on value rather than the latest fads in cuisine presentation.  fast food is available in Chiang Rai city.

For those short of time a one day tour can be made from Chiang Mai which highlights many of the provinces attractions.

The Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos and Burma  converge at the mighty Mae Khong River affords awesome panoramic views whilst Chiang Khong is the breezy town with access to the world’s seventh longest river. There are also river crossings to Laos an the opportunity to further travel in this landlocked country.

Doi Thung and Mae Salong are both revered and naturally beautiful.

Mae Sai a Burmese border town hawks unbeatable bargains in crafts and consumer items from Taichalek, across the river, and is an interesting place for a stop.

Chiang Saen established over 1,200 years ago, has had primitive residents for over 500 centuries. The towns many ruins offer a fascinating glimpse of an ancient civilisation. A small, but well kept museum has interesting artefacts or tribal and Lanna culture.
Predates Chiang Mai (founded 1296) by 34 years the city of Chiang Rai was the centre of the mighty independent kingdom of Lanna. Became part of Siam (Thailand) in 1786 and was proclaimed a province in 1910 by Rama IV.

785 km from Bangkok, 180 km from Chiang Mai. Mostly mountainous with an average above sea-level height of 580 m (1,900 ft).

Major Rivers
The Kok river (130 km/82 miles long) connects Chiang Rai to Thaton and joins the Mae Khong in the North. The Mae Khong is the world’s 7th longest river at 4160 km (2,600 miles) and the largest river fish, weighing 100’s of kilograms, are caught in September.

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