Suvarnabhumi International Airport Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport Project is a national priority of the government and is designated to be the aviation hub in Southeast Asian region. Since Bangkok International Airport (BIA) has restrictive development to accommodate the air traffic growth in the future, which is estimated to be up to 58 million passengers per year in 2008 while the full-scale development of provided plot of land at Nong Ngu Hao with its capacity to accommodate 45 million passenger per year, 76 flights per hour and 3 million tons of cargo per year.

Departing passengers   (Airline Check-in Areas)

can enter through the entrance on the 4th floor of the departures hall, which can be accessed by car or by foot from the car parking buildings, which is connected to the 3rd floor of the departures hall. Upon entering the departure hall, passengers can check-in at counters 4-10 before proceeding to the passport control and the customs control checkpoints.

Passengers can then continue to the concourse building D via 2 connection channel from the terminal complex. The 4th floor of concourse building D consists of a wide variety of shops that passengers can browse while waiting to board. When called for boarding, can approach the gate via the 3rd floor of the departure hall; and when they have arrived at the gate, they have to proceed to the 2nd floor to the hold room.

All passengers and hand luggage taken on board must be examined. The examination points are on 3rd and 4th floors in the airside area of the concourse buildings.

Arriving passengers

can enter the passenger terminal via the 2nd floor of the concourse building except bus gate passengers. At the terminal, there are passport control checkpoints where passenegers can collect their baggage from one of the 22 baggage conveyor belts, 17 of which are for international passengers and 5 are for domestic passengers. Once passengers have collected their baggage and passed the customs control checkpoints, they can proceed to the arrivals hall where they will find transportation counters, hotel and accommodation counters and a tourist information centre.

Outside the arrivals hall are pick-up points; in the case of passengers travelling with a tour agency, they must proceed to the 1st floor for buses and coaches. There is a meeting point on 3rd floor.

Transit/transfer passengers

will have to go to the airside area after they arrive at the 2nd floor of the concourse building from the aircraft in order to proceed with the transfer process before continuing to 3rd and 4th floors to complete departure procedures. In the case of transit passengers, they will have to go through the airside area to the departures service area in order to complete the departure procedures.

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